Young People in Ireland: What's behind the stereotype?

As a  youth worker (currently a volunteer youth worker) it is important to ensure young people are given the chance to be heard. It is important that negative stereotypes associated with young people are challenged and that young people are given the chance to have their say regarding these stereotypes, what they think about the stereotypes if any that have been imposed on them and how they themselves challenge these stereotypes and their overall opinions regarding stereotypes.

Interview No. 4

What’s your name? 
Shaw H
What age are you?
Where do you live/ where are you based?
Summerhill, Co.Meath
What stereotypes has Irish society put on you as a young person today? 
Lazy, violent, intimidating, reckless, alcoholics.
Looking beyond that stereotype who are you? (How would your friends, family, and yourself describe you?) 
Kind, fun, sarcastic, loving, harmless.
What kind of things do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy spending time with my family friends and girlfriend, I love playing with my dogs and listening to music at night.
How do you contribute to Irish society? (Any small thing, what do you hope to do in the future e.g. college courses which will allow you to contribute to Society). 
I'm currently doing a degree in engineering which will allow me to create greener surroundings and easier living environments for society.
What would you like to say about stereotypes imposed on young people in Ireland?
Stereotypes will always exist, they're harsh but they haven't come from nowhere, people see young people on the news doing stupid and reckless things like crashing cars and killing their passengers, random acts of violence and drugs. People always see the worst in our generation, this is what the news will show, we are rarely shown in a brighter light, the news and social media will highlight our weaknesses, but rarely our strengths. So in my opinion we have to live with these stereotypes, but they don't define or mold us as people, we choose our own paths so why care how other people see you.
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