What's under the mask?

I was recently sent an article from my sister-in-law regarding mental health. This was no usual article regarding mental health, this was an article which shows people that no matter how well you think you know a person it is not always obvious if they are suffering from a mental health issue.

This article was based around Winnie the pooh, yes Winnie the pooh, the friendly and cuddly bear who loves to eat honey. This article highlighted that mental health issues are very hard to see obvisously. Through reading the article it outlines the mental health issues which the characters in Winnie the pooh are experiencing. You may not believe it but each of the characters in Winnie the pooh suffer from a mental health issues. Without plagiarizing the article which I read I will outline/summarize what was said about each of our friendly characters. I will also post a link to the article below to ensure you can read the full article and also read it from the original source. 

So I guess we should begin with the main character himself- Winnie the pooh. When you first see Winnie the pooh you see a soft and cuddly bear with a love for honey and will do anything it takes to ensure he secures a good pot of honey. On the outside he likes “normal” you could say but deep inside there is much more going on, there is defiantly more than meets the eye in relation to Winnie the pooh. According to the article I read they describe Winnie the pooh as having an eating disorder due to his consuming excessive amounts of honey. As Winnie the pooh is willing to do anything to get honey it may be seen as an eating disorder. As Winnie the pooh is willing to do anything to get some honey due to his eating disorder he might also have impulsivity as he takes extreme risks in order to gain access to honey. As a result of Winnies counting over and over again has lead a Canadian medical association to diagnose him with OCD and ADHD as a result of his careless behavior towards his friends.

Next we will take a look at the extremely bouncy and energized character- Tigger. When you are introduced to Tigger you cannot do anything but be mesmerized by his incredible energy. In terms of mental health problems Tigger can be considered to have ADHD as a result of his difficulties with paying attention. This combine with his hyperactivity may mean that Tigger has ADHD. Tigger is a character, which is willing to try new things, experiment and engage in things, which other may be reluctant to. As a result of this willingness to try any substances, which he comes in contact with Tigger, may also be seen to engage in substance abuse.

Moving on to another one of out lovable characters who in my opinion might be one of the most lovable characters- Piglet. Little Piglets mental heal issues are mainly based around anxiety issues and fears. Although he suffers from anxiety Piglet suffers from a speech impediment which in Piglets case is a stutter along with a nervous twitch of his ears. As a result of this it may mean that Piglet suffers from irrational anxiety. Panaophiba, a medical condition, which causes a person to fear everything, is also a concern for out little friend.

Finally I am going to speak about Eeore.  This may be the most obvious character that has a mental health issue. When we see Eeore we constantly see him looking very sad and down in the dumps. Eeore is a has a very dark and negative look on life and his future puts Eeore at rick of suffering from depressive disorder. To a professional Eeore may be considered a prime example of someone susceptible to major depression as a result of his inability to experience joy, happiness, excitement and basically enjoy life.

Check out the original article which I based this post off and find out about the rest of the lovable Winnie the pooh gang and remember anybody could be experiencing a mental health problem and that it doesn’t make you an less of a person!

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