Catch up!

Im going to start off this post by saying sorry for not blogging lately. I have been so busy between scouts, athletes and college and as well as that I have been having a problem with my stomach and haven't been well lately so I am completely exhausted! Thats no excuse though and I really need to work on getting back into a routine of blogging again. Everything in relation to my preparing for the cycle against suicide next year has been put on hold at the moment and not because I am sick, tired or busy but because I managed to make my bike pump explode while trying to pump up my tires so until I get a chance to get a new pump my cycling will be on hold! So between blogging and cycling this weekend is going to be busy trying to get back into a routine.

I have a few ideas for some more posts about mental health especially relating to young people while straying away from my own personal experiences. On that note I am delighted to announce that I have made it to the final of the blog awards again this year and am extremely grateful that people are reading my blog and think that it is worth being in the final of the national blog awards. So I'm looking forward to a fun and exciting night which is going to be all the more fun as I will be spending it with a close friend :)

So as Im falling asleep here I am getting confused with what I am writing so Im going to leave you guys now with this photo and leave it up to you guys to figure it out because Im not sure whats going on in the picture.

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