Cycle against suicide 2014- week 3

Ok so I'm just going to be honest about this...... I have not got on my bike once this week!! now this is not because I have lost interest or because I want to give up this is because I have been so busy with the debs which I had to leave early because I was sick and Label Jars Not People because I was busy preparing for our think big training day and trying to get things in order. The other thing that has kept me busy is my bedroom as it currently looks like a bomb hit so I have been desperately trying to organise, clear out and redecorate my bedroom before I start college on the 16th.

So I am hoping to get out on my bike today, I haven't been cycling with the skinny tires in the rain before so today will be a challenge. I'm sticking to my night time cycle because there are less cars on the road and despite it being dark I feel safer without so many cars. There is also less people so I don't feel so self-conscious. Today I am going to try and work on a fitness plan to help me stay focused. I'm hoping to be cycling three times a week, swimming once a week and athletics twice a week when I start back in college, I will also be doing some fitness and strength building exercises.

So as this week saw no cycling my update next week will be title week 3 also because I didn't cycle this week. Keep an eye out here as I might post up my fitness plan if any of you guys are planning on working on your fitness it might help you make your own plan. I will have some more posits over this week about mental health and some more about some things I have struggles with but I also have a few less serious posts in mind so watch closely :)

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