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This week I got a phone call with what I can only describe as the best news ever. This week I found out that Label Jars Not People were approved for our level 2 think big project, Think Bigger. I was over the moon. I began this project on a spur of the moment to be honest. I had thought about it a lot but I didn’t plan anything I just decided to do it. I applied for think Big in the hopes that I would get accepted but after not hearing from them for a while I decided to go ahead and start my project.What started off as my project has now become a group project. From the very beginning I have a huge amount of support of my friends and I now have formed a team with 8 of my close and trusted friends.

This basically means that for 6 months that Label Jars Not People team are going to have the support of Think Big, a personal mentor to support, advise and guide us along the way, a think big start up pack including a laptop for Label Jars Not People and we also receive some much needed funding which will go along to help us getting know and help us organise some more events!

On saturday the 7th of September myself and two other members of the team will be heading into Dublin to attend a training day with Think Big. From my experience of Last years training day I am excited and restless just thinking about this years one. It is a great day with the chance to meet like minded people, learn new things, get new ideas and build new relationships.

Promoting positive metal health and reducing stigma means a lot to me since I have become ill. Before I became ill I knew nothing about mental health which made everything scarier for me. It made things harder to cope in the beginning until I began to learn more about what was going on and what I was experiencing. I don’t want this to happen to other your people. I want people to know about mental health and talk about issues associated with mental health regardless weather they know someone who is suffering or if they are suffering. People need to know about this because without our mental health what do we have?

The more people talk about mental health the less of a taboo subject it will become and more people will seek help when they need it.  By promoting positive mental health we are reducing the stigma of mental health and we are raising awareness.

Keep an eye out on Label Jars Not Peoples blog, Facebook and Twitter  to see how we get on at our training day and to see lots of pictures and hear what we learned :)

Visit the Think Big website here to learn more about what they do.

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