Results day

Last Wednesday was the day thousands of leaving cert students all over the country were anxiously waiting for, last Wednesday the leaving cert results were released. I like many others had a very sleepless night and was up at the crack of dawn pacing my bedroom floor waiting, wishing time would hurry so I could go to the school to collect my results.

I arrived at my school at 9.15 eager for the doors to open so I could go and get my results. I had an agonising 45 minutes wait until the school was to open at 10.00. So while my dad contemplated buying a new car I sat considering what I would do if I didn't get the grades I needed for my course. Slowly more an more people began to arrive and it was time to bite the bullet and go and get that brown envelope. 

I got my envelope, went outside the school and it wasn't long before I was marching back into the school annoyed and frustrated with the result I had go from LCVP only to find out that nobody in our school had been awarded a distinction nevertheless I was still annoyed and slightly upset. That was however the only subject which I was upset with other than that I was pretty happy, I got the grades I needed so come tomorrow I hope to be accepting my course in NUI maynooth for a level 8 honours degree in youth and community work. 

While I was happy on Wednesday my emotions were very much kept hidden as there were many people who unlike me where not happy with their results, they were disappointed and despite all their hard work they did not get the points that they needed. And while I sat consoling a close friend it dawned on me that the points race which is causing stress on young people may in fact be placing a number on them, they are not a number and they are worth so much more than what grades are on that piece of paper. While a certain amount of points may allow you to gain access to the college course you want those points are not going to allow you to reach your dream, because despite getting the course you need with those points there is always other ways to get what you want. If something is your dream then never give up on that dream, look for other options because there is always other endless possibilities.

So if Wednesday didn't go the way you had planned, don't fret because there is always other ways of reaching our dream.

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