Cycle against suicide 2014- week 2

Well I got off to a bit of a bumpy start this week. My cycle on Sunday came to an end very fast due to feeling unwell as a result of eating a banana only five minutes before getting on my bike, needless to say it didn't go to well for me. After my bumpy start I took monday off because I was not well at all as a result of my poor effort on sunday and the stupid banana incident, one which I will not be repeating in future!!

After my not so good start to the week I got back on my bike on Tuesday. I decided to wait until later in the day to go for a cycle for two reasons, One- there were less cars on the road and Im not used to cycling on the road that much so it makes me feel more comfortable and two- I don't have to get up early in the mornings meaning I can finish the rest of my summer with  mornings spent in bed. When I start college I will continue to cycle at night but for the simple reason that it may be the only time I will have to go for a cycle.

My Tuesday and Wednesday cycles were hard work. Im still cycling the 6km in and around 25 minutes and I'm hoping to get that down to about fifteen minutes and then increase the distance. As for my Thursday cycle it was a more relaxed cycle. I had a couple of things to do so I cycled to Lána's house that morning followed by a trip to the other end of Celbridge to go to Ashling's house and then finally back to the centre of Celbridge for a much needed nap!!

Friday was pretty relaxed, well I was sick :( so I wasn't able to go for a cycle. I am glad to say that I got better through the day with the help of my trusted friend mr 7-Up. I think I'm going to change the route I take for next week so that way I can see what I am like cycling on different surfaces. I might even increase the distance and see how I get on with that, who knows what I might decide to do.

Next weeks cycle schedule will be different in terms of what days I cycle on and the times. Im hoping to cycle Sunday and Monday night and Tuesday morning but as debs is on Tuesday this might not happen and there will be no cycling on Wednesday for obvious reasons ;) Thursday and Friday will be night/evening cycles and Saturday will be a rest day as I will be heading into Dublin for another day of Think Big Training as just the other day I got news that Label Jars Not People were approved for Think Bigger meaning another few months of funding, support, advice and guidance but more about that in another post :)

I do have to say I am proud of myself as I am still cycling. Usually when I decided to do something I never actually do it if it involves moving! This is different though and even through it has only been two weeks I am so happy i have lasted this long, I know I didn't think I would and a few other people didn't think I would either! Its slow progress but its still progress and whats more is that I actually have more energy than I did before I began cycling and my head seems a lot clearer and free from racing thoughts and obsessions so not only is it helping my physical health (apart from my banana incident) but I am delighted to say it is helping my mental health too :)

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