The down days.

We all have those days when we are feeling down in the dumps, fed up, tired and just plain exhausted with life. Well as I person who is living with depression I have experienced many of these days. At times these days lasted for weeks and weeks until I finally reached out for help and began to gain control over my depression. While I spent many months getting treatment to overcome my depression and while I still am engaging in treatment for my depression I still have down days. Although I have down days like everybody else I don't feel that my depression is always the cause, sometimes life just throws me a down day. While this post is aimed at the down days life throws at you every once in a while I want to stress that if you feel like you are suffering from depression it is important to go and seek help and it is so important to seek help before it (meaning the depression) has the chance to consume your life and take away the pleasure you experience in the things that you love most!

Yesterday I experienced a down day because my life felt like it was my turn to feel low and while yesterday I wallowed in self-pity and felt sorry for myself when I got up this morning feeling the same way as yesterday I decided I was going to be proactive and do something about how I was feeling.

So I started my day with a nice warm showing and you will be surprised what a shower can do for you. After my shower I felt awake and energised and ready to face the day. I was more optimistic about the day ahead despite still feeling low in myself. With my new found energy after my shower I decided that I would go and do a bit of shopping and then make something nice and healthy to eat. Well when I got home I realised I wasn't all that hungry which wasn't a bad thing since I had bought some nice fresh strawberries and bananas to make a lovely smoothie.

I know this is something people always say that fresh fruit and vegetables can help improve your mood, and like you I never believed it but today I found that it did actually help me. Just making the smoothie helped me to forget about having a bad day and the bright colours helped me to see something good in today.

I know this sounds a bit cheesy but it actually did help and at the end of making a smoothie I got to enjoy this

And I got the recipe from this book

After filling up on some fruit and forgetting about having a down day I went on to watch one of my favourite movies......

I only did three things today that were all simple and easy which helped to improve my mood. It was that simple, as much as I didn't want to do anything once I did something I was much better! It can be hard to find it you to get up and do something when you feel low or are having a bad day but it is so important to try hard and do something to change your mood. I know it is not simple to force yourself to get up and do something when you are feeling low, tired, fed up and exhausted with life but it is that little spark of strength which will make all the difference in improving your mood!

So the next time you are feeling down just remember you don't have to go out a climb a mountain to be happy (unless you want to of course) it is the small things that can make all the difference and make you feel good! Don't let one bad day ruin your week, don't isolate yourself, don't hide away from the world, get out, do something and show people that you are human. Show them that despite feeling low and having a bad day you know it is important to be yourself, to get up and do something and not hide away. 

We are all human and therefore it is possible that we will all have bad days in life. If there has been anything I have learned from having depression it is that, no matter how bad things seem they will get better, maybe not right away but they will. There is no point in having pity for yourself, thats not going to change your mood, it is up to you and only you to change how you are feeling. The support from family and friends is a bonus but in the end you are the only person who can change how you feel, so don't wait for someone else to do it, get up, find a glimpse of strength and change your mood for yourself!

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