Where to next?

The end of secondary school is nearing and the time for me to look again at my CAO choices is looming, so I got thinking about what I really want to do when I leave school. Im not so sure that I know what I want to do to be honest, I want to go to college, I want to get a job but I also want to live my life and explore.I have been thinking of what I would do if I dont get the  course I want to do and I have decided maybe I should travel, see the world, experience new cultures and go on a once in a life time trip. But as I was thinking about this money became a huge factor. The only way to get enough money for a trip like this is by saving and so I have decided that maybe I should go to college, get a part time hob, save some money and then head off on a trip around the world for a bit after college.

Who knows though? Maybe I should just wait and see where life takes me. Maybe I should not plan everything down to the last minor detail and maybe I shopuld just follow my heart and go in which ever direction my heart chooses.  I know that sounds really cheesy but maybe that is what I should do.

This is what I am scared of most about leaving school.... Not knowing what I am going to do next and where life is going to take me. But that could be the point of life, maybe I dont need to know where I am going in  life. Maybe it is all just a big waiting game that will one day revel the mystery as the why we are here on earth and what we are meant to do on this earth. I dont know.... maybe I should take a break from everyone and everything to see what I really would like to do with my life or maybe I should just wait and see what happens, after all everything happens for a reason.

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