What can alcohol do to your mental health?

huge part of sixth year in many schools around the country is the infamous Grad night. These are usually organised by sixth year students in schools all around the country. I do need to make this point clear before I go on any further that grad night is usually not associated with the  school and is completely organised by the students in the school. 

This night is basically in my opinion a chance for sixth years and some fifth year to let of some steam and take a break from the books. Although this is my opinion it is far from reality. The reality of what happens during grad night is people drink and then drink some more and if they haven’t collapsed due to drunkenness or vomited they may decide to drink some more. I myself do not drink often and when I do drink I wouldn’t have much more than a glass of Fat Frog due to personal preferences. Many people who attend these Grad nights dont drink and if they do they drink sensible. Often on nights like these a sober person can see people making fools of themselves and being too drunk to even notice. Not only that but people who may be sober are also also given the chance to see young girls falling all over guys and young guys falling all over girls. This however is often the minority from stories I have heard from numerous different people from different schools as people often have control over their drinking habits.

This year like many of my peers I attended my Grad night and well I enjoyed it. I was sober, responsible for myself like many of my friends and peers. I was able to have a good time with very little alcohol and plenty of water. I enjoyed the dancing, the gossip and the usual party atmosphere that was present in the club that night. I was glad to wake up the next morning without a pounding headache and nothing more than very dark circles under my eyes from arriving home late and getting very little sleep.

Now that I have basically given you the background as to why I am writing this post I am going to get down to the facts of what alcohol can do to your mental health. Alcohol  can have a damaging effect on your mental health. The damage that can be caused by drinking alcohol on your mental health are:

  • As alcohol is a depressant it slows down a persons brain activity. In small amounts this can be good as it eases stress and helps people to relax but often people drink too much and this is not the case.
  • If a person is already feeling down before they begin drinking, if they drink too much they may become very depressed. The opposite happens if a person is very happy before they drink they may become ecstatic. When alcohol is consumed beyond a person’s tolerance (tolerance varies from person to person), feelings and perceptions of the world may become magnified. (spunout.ie)
  • If alcohol is taken too often and too much is taken it can lead to the levels of a persons anxiety increasing.
  • Mental health problems such as depression have been linked to long term and very heavy drinking in some cases.
  • As many people become confused when they drink alcohol and their thoughts and perceptions of things  change, there has been studies which have shown that many suicides have happened after people have drank too much alcohol.

As someone who has never drank more than the recommend amount of alcohol I have never experienced a feeling of being drunk and to be honest after writing this post I am glad to say that I am not a drinker.  So if you take anything from this post please just consider what and how much you are drinking before you actually begin to drink.

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