This year was my last year competing in the schools athletic west Leinster Track and Field competition :( It was sad to say the least, I have competed for my school for the last six years, every year taking part in both shot putt and discus other than first year where I only competed in shot putt. Each year I worked hard training after school every Tuesday and Thursday from the end of March or the beginning of April and often my training included me training on my own or coaching other students. I won a medal every year and to be honest I felt I worked hard to get them and I am proud of my achievements.

The last six years competing for my school have been amazing, I have made new friends, improved on my talents and most of all I have had fun. i am going to miss going to Santry every year now that I am nearing my time in St.Wolstan's but I have every intention in supporting my school at this event in years to come. 

Being the last year for many sixth year students we ensured that we went out with a bang. With the help of some of the fifth year students who were in the senior category also, we brought home the trophy for the best senior girls school. It is an amazing feeling knowing that your last year competing for your school was a success, not only did I win tow medals in the discus and the shot putt but I also helped to ensure our school brought home the trophy for the best senior girls school. 

I am proud to say that i have competed for St. Wolstan's and although I am leaving in less than a months time I am glad to say I played a part in the reputation St. Wolstan's has built up of the years for our track and field success. not only that but I am sure that there will be plenty more trophies and medals making its way to St. Wolstan's in the coming years.

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