Time to have a chat

Last Friday night something happened to me that I never thought would happen to me. Last Friday night I went to a Fashion show in aid of Barnardos and not only was it an amazing night I also got to meet some amazing people. One of the people I got to meet was Norah Casey. An Irish business woman with a heart of gold. Needless to say I was in shock when I saw her walk into the room and I was over the moon to get in a picture with her and never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to be given the chance to sit with her and have a chat with her.

Myself and Norah Casey @ Angels for Barnardos

We began to have a chat about things and it wasn’t long before we found a topic we had in common. Mental health, not mental illness mental health. It wasn’t long before my dad- who was very embarrassing told Norah that I had won blog awards and that I do work with charities associated with mental health. Knowing that mental health is a subject that I am passionate about she said she would like to get me on her radio show for a chat and to my dismay that is just what she did. 

Its not that I didn’t trust Norah Casey when she said she would like to get me on the show to have a chat with her about mental health I just didn’t think she would have got into contact with me as soon as she did. On Monday while debs dress shopping with my friends I got a number of phone calls from both my dad and people working with NewsTalk to arrange an interview LIVE on Tuesday morning.

Once I got over the shock that I would have to get up early on Tuesday morning I was over the moon with excitement. I couldn’t wait to get another chance to share my story with people who actually want to listen and who actually care about what I have to say. As dress shopping continued which I soon became restless and bored of the thoughts about Tuesday morning flooded my mind and I soon began to become extremely nervous. If shopping wasn’t bad enough I was now consumed with thoughts of what if I mess up? Or What if I can’t think of what to say.

Bright and early on Tuesday morning my dad work me up at 6.50am- 6.50 during my Easter holidays!!!! Once I woke up the nerves began to get really bad and by the time I had arrived at the NewsTalk studio I was shaking. My dad and my cousin Aidan couldn’t even calm me down. There were times I even thought about not going live on air because I was so scared. I must say if the interview was with anyone other than Norah Casey I don’t think I would have managed to do it. She calm me down and put me at ease and as soon as the interview began I was flying. You wouldn’t even have thought I was as nervous as I was and it was because of Norah Casey I was able to do as well as I did.

If you would like to listen to the interview please click here and search for the Breakfast show Tuesday the 26th. Not only was this post to tell you about the interview and to tell you about the fact I got to meet Norah Casey it was also to say a huge thank you to Norah Casey but also to all of the staff at NewsTalk for giving me the chance to share my story and to raise awareness of mental health. Also a huge thank you to my dad for driving me there and buying me hot chocolate afterwards.

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