Do you blog?

As I was sitting here today thinking about what to write I asked myself do any of my readers blog? I thought about this for a while thinking about if my readers blog.  I enjoy blogging but I have to be honest and say I don't often read other peoples blogs. There are a select few blogs that i read over and over again on a daily basis but I don't often go looking for blogs to read. So I was thinking do any of my readers blog and if so what do they blog about?

I know this is a short post but thats because I am hoping to hear back from some of my readers to hear if they blog or not. If you blog I would love to have the address of your blog and give it a read.

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Maman au carré said...

I blog!

You're welcome to try and read it...
it's in French though. Thanks to the infinite possibilities the net offers!

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