Angels for Barnardos

I believe that there are people in the world that want to make a difference and I believe that there are people in the world that are actively doing something to make a difference. There is a difference you see, some people want to make a difference but don’t while others want to make a difference and work hard to achieve this goal. In Ireland there are many different groups of people who are working hard to make a difference in all different areas of society. Often these groups of people develop into organisations and go from strength to strength making a difference. 

One such organisation is Barnardos. Barnardos is an amazing charity which is mainly child focuses but also deals with many aspects of family life and family relationships. In the past I have heard great things about this charity as well as hearing about many people working hard to help this charity help the lives of children around Ireland. I believe that this is a very worthwhile charity that is truly needed, not only in Ireland but all around the world. In my opinion we need more people that work in barnardos all around the world making a difference instead of just wanting to make a difference.

Every time I hear of someone wanting to do something for a charity like this I am delighted because charities need support from the public in an way possible. Every now and again I am shocked at the amount of work people put into helping charity and giving them support. Recently I learned about an event that is going to help and support barnardos. This event form just looking at the poster has just blown my mind. You might be wondering why and well my reason is that it is clear that the amount of work gone into organising this event has been more than a person could imagine. Take a look at the poster below and you might understand what I'm talking about.

On Friday March 22nd, the Green Angel cosmetics company is hosting a fashion show - Angels for Barnardos. Tickets cost €35 and include a drinks reception and a goodie bag, along with fantastic spot prizes.  It takes place in the Ballsbridge Hotel and entertainment will be provided by Cathy O'Connor and Noel Cunningham of TV3, and Mary Byrne of XFactor. 

You see, the people who have organised this event to me are the hero’s of today’s world. These people take time out of their busy day to day lives to work as part of a team to make a difference. I look up to people such as the organisers of events like this and one day I too hope to be able to work with others to help raise awareness and make a difference in our society. So it is important that we all gather together and support organisers of this event. It is important that we all join together and help support this amazing charity. So if you have nothing to do this Friday why not head down to the fashion show? It promises to be a great night with some amazing people and its all for a good cause. Who knows if you go you might even win a spot prize! So if you would like to pop down and have a night at this fashion show here are all the details you need:

Date: Friday March 22nd
Time: 7.30pm
Location: Ballsbridge hotel
Price: €35
Purchase tickets by phoning:  01 4124900 or 087 7375 210

And just remember all proceeds are going to charity!!


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claire ronan said...

lovely blog siobhan I should have waved from the catwalk sorry I didnt get a chance to chat but Norah was telling me what an inspirational girl you are. love the blog have a look at mine claire710.
Hope to meet you properly soon in the meantime keep up the good work,
claire xxx

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