The Government and mental health

Mental health is something that we as a country can no longer push under the carpet and forget about. We need to work together as a country including the government and work on making mental health a priority and not because of the increasing numbers of suicides but because mental health deserves as much attention as anything else, if not more attention. Our mental health is as important as our physical health if not more important!!

I am glad to finally see our government doing something about mental health with the mental health reform. Ireland’s mental health reform has a goal that people with mental health difficulties can recover to good health and live their life to the full. Ireland’s mental health reform is working to promote improved and prioritised mental health services in Ireland and I think that it is about bloody time they decided to help those who are suffering in silence.

You might be thinking what the mental health reform does well it does the following:

“Mental Health Reform works with its members through education, information, support and training to help bring about structural and cultural changes in mental health matters.

Structural change. This means making changes to the way the mental health services are organised.  It includes, for example, making changes to how services are delivered, changes to how budgets are spent, changes to mental health workers’ responsibilities health services and so on. The aim of structural change is to provide the best possible mental health service in Ireland.

Cultural change. This means changing the way mental health workers, people with mental health difficulties, their families and the local communities think about mental health. In the past, people with mental health difficulties were often not listened to or treated as passive receivers of care. It is important that this changes and that they are treated as equal partners on their way to recovery. This can only be done by educating everyone involved with mental health services on the ideas within A Vision for Change.”

Now you know the basic of what mental health reform is doing my question is to you:

Do you think that this is enough?

And what’s more do you think the government is still pushing mental health under the carpet?

Are the government really doing anything on this matter or do you believe that they are just saying they will do all of this?

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