Teen Between

When parents separate it is a hard time especially for the children. You may become confused, angry, upset and there are so many other feelings that you could experience. It can be hard and sometimes people forget about you (the child) because separation is becoming very common in families nowadays. But there are always people out there who want to help and there is always support available. Teen Between is a website that is there to support children and teens through the difficult time they may be experiencing if their parents are going through separation.

Teen between has resources for both parents and children who are experience separation. It contains lots of information about getting support, helping others and it also has information regarding family law and mediation.

Going through a time when your parents are separating is a hard time; I have had experience of it too, very little though. My parents got back together but not all parents get back together after they separate for a while. So if you are experiencing parental separation in your family don’t fret there is help and support out there for you. Take a look at TeenBetween.ie for some need to know information about separation and also for some support and guidance through this difficult time. And just remember things do get better.

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