If you’re feeling stress and in need of some relaxation to put your mind at rest here are some ideas of ways you can relax!

1.       Now is the only Time that is important –To be in a state of relaxation means living only in the present moment. Forget about the things that are going on around you and just focus on the moment you are in, focus on the sights and smells but try not to let your mind wander.

2.       Your environment Matters – find a place where you feel relaxed, were you enjoy being and where you can go and be in peace. A place where you are away from the stresses and strains of everyday life!

3.       Meditation – During meditation we actively make time to silence the mind and bring to the fore a real feeling of relaxation. Meditation helps because we learn to control the relentless flow of thoughts. During meditation, the aim is to keep the mind still. Find time to meditate for 10 or 15 minutes each day; through meditation we can easily detach ourselves from the pressures of the world.

4.       Productivity not Procrastination – Relaxation doesn’t have to mean spending all day on a beach doing nothing. Prioritise the things that you need to do. If you do things systematically, one at a time, you will feel less stressed and get things done quickly. It’s when we try to do several things at once that we put ourselves under great pressure don’t make life hard for yourself. Do one thing at a time and enjoy doing it.

5.       Do Not Depend on the Opinions of Others – How much do you depend on the opinion of others? Subconsciously we work towards trying to please others. However, when we have this state of mind it becomes impossible to relax. No matter what we do or say, there will always be someone who manages to find fault. . Relaxation can only occur if we aren’t constantly thinking about what others are saying and doing.

6.       Time to Yourself – Don’t allow yourself to always be at the beck and call of work and other people — make time for yourself. If you are harassed by constant email and phone enquiries, take evasive action. Only take calls and answer emails at certain times of the day. It’s unlikely that your availability, 24 hours a day, is indispensable. When we allow pressures to build up, relaxation becomes very difficult. But, if you really try hard, you should be able to reduce the demands placed on your time and energy.

Relaxation is the perfect way to look after your mental health!!

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