Exercise and mental health

Many people exercise because it’s good for their physical health but it is also good for their mental health. It is a known fact the exercise has positive effects on the brain and we know this due to research that has been conducted over many years. It has been proven that exercise has many antidepressant properties. Doctors in America are said to be prescribing exercise to patients who present to them with signs of depression rather than putting them on medication. In some cases thought medication may be needed but not in all cases.

I believe that exercise is good for your mental health but it wasn’t until I decided to write this post that I thought how exercise is good for your mental health. So without boring you with all the medical and psychological theories I will write in simple English what I learned about how exercise can help improve your mental health. 

So here are two reasons that tell us why exercise is important for our mental health.

1.       Studies have shown that exercise boosts activity in the brain. People don't really know how or why this happens but it does. Animal studies have found that exercise increases levels of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine (chemicals or something like that) These neurotransmitters have been associated with elevated mood, and it is thought that antidepressant medications also work by boosting these chemicals.
2.       Another theory is that the benefits of exercise include the production of endorphins. These natural opiates are chemically similar to morphine. They may be produced as natural pain relievers in response to the shock that the body receives during exercise. However, researchers are beginning to question whether endorphins improve mood.
Ok I thought I was going to make that simple but to be honest I don’t really understand my second point and well the Internet didn’t make it easy for me to understand it. But basically the bottom line is that exercise is good for you both mentally and physically. So the next time that you are feeling down why you don’t head out for a walk and see for yourself.

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