Tropical Island.

On my list of things that I can blog about one of them is to imagine that I a stranded on a tropical island with nothing at all but my group of friends and we have to try and figure out how we are going to survive and get home. Without even thinking about it i can tell you that between me and my friends we would end up killing each other. But anyway I’m going to try and think of all the different ways that we could get back home from the island.

Ok so I guess we could just stay there and eat the coconuts of the tress and build a little house out of sticks and we would be grand until someone found us.... but that’s not very likely to happen so the best thing is not to listen to me if we ever get stuck on a tropical island because i will say we should just make the most of it and find a way to live there and build houses and find food. If you ask me i think it would be fun kind of like the film Nims Island which I love to bits.

We could build a house like this! :) 
(knowing us it wouldn't turn out anything like that but you get the idea)
I guess we could try and swim home.... there you have another one of my stupid and usless ideas so again if we get stuck on a an island together remember not to listen to me because we will end up dead unless it is my first idea which i think would be fun and that we could live a happy life on the island kind of like lost but i know nothing about that show so i could be wrong.

We could build a boat. Now that is one of my more promising ideas but if i was to build the boat it would sink so i think i would just watch the other people build the boat so we all wouldn’t die. Now i have just realised i am forgetting who my friends are....... Kellie and Ginger would be too busy thinking of ways to get home but getting sidetracked with their very dirty minds. Emer and Ashling would be having one of their special moments together either screaming at each other or jumping on top of each other so we would just leave them to it. Aoife would be having a panic attack hoping that Nathan from the wanted would magically appear and save  us all. Louise would be the one who takes control giving us hope that we will get home alive. Mandy and Róisin would be trying to use their tech skills to build a plane or something to get us home. Niamh and Nezzy would be off in their own little worlds and well then you have me thinking of all the useless ideas and having fun playing in the sand being very happy where I am even if it means I am stranded on an island. 

To be honest i would just rather stay on the island and go with my idea and well it would be fun but I’m sure after a while we will end up killing each other or something like that but i think it would be fun but only really if we had everything that we needed like food and stuff but hey we can always pretend that we have food and other stuff there and it would be as if it is real. So yeah if i ended up on a tropical island with my friends it would not turn out well.

What would you do if this happened to you?

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