Transition Year

Transition Year.... A time for fun a time for laughter and oddly enough a time for millions of different projects and competitions.

I did Transition Year and as many of you know it was in Transition Year that I began my blog as part of my I.T class. I guess it was in Transition Year I found my love for writing and what's more I found my love for blogging. I don't think that there is anybody else who kept up their blog from my Transition Year. I guess I just really took to it and well it did kind of surprise me. If it wasn’t for setting up this blog in Transition Year I would have never done it myself and well if it wasn’t for this blog I don’t know where I would be right now. This blog has helped me in more ways that anybody could imagine. Sharing my stories of mental health through my blog has helped me to accept my mental illness and learn how to deal with it.

Each person in our year had their own blog where we would write updates about how we were getting on in Transition Year and update the world on all of our different projects. Not only did we all have our own blog but there was a main blog for the whole year and that blog is called St Wolstan’s T.Y. This 
blog has links to all of the blogs that the students have themselves as well as posts about what's going on in Transition Year and it is basically a resource for any student who is thinking about doing Transition Year.  It is moderated by Mrs L the TY Coordinator and I have to say that there is no better person to be in charge of it. There is bundles of information and if anybody is thinking about doing ty that is the place to go. With posts written by the students, posts written by Mrs L and a calendar with all of the events the T.Y's will be doing. If you want to know what's going on in St Wolstan’s during Transition Year St Wolstan’s T.Y the place to go.

Not only is this Transition Year blog a good resource for anybody thinking about doing Transition Year it is also a good place to go for some light-hearted reading that keeps you up to date with the youth today and their education. Before I forget completely this blog has also had some huge achievements as it has won Awards at the Eircom Junior spiders as well as being a finalist in the “Best Class Blog” category for the 2011 Edublogs Awards.
So if you’re tired and need some time to relax take a look at what’s going on in St Wolstan’s T.Y. The standards and talents of these young students is sure to impress :)

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