Rag Week

Have you ever thought about people who don't get the chance to receive an education? Do you ever think about the social aspects they are missing out on with an education? Do you ever think about how hard it would be for them to find a job? To be honest I never really thought about this. I mean it has come up once or twice while I have been studying my elective in home ec but I never really thought about it. It wasn't until the other day a friend of mine told me about rag week in trinity college this year.

Rag week is all about raising and giving and this year trinity college have decided to raise awareness and give to the organisation suas. Suas is an organisation which goes around teaching children in disadvantaged ares nationally and internationally. They also teach children from developing countries. For many of us education was the norm but for these children they wish they could go to school. Often we wish we didn't have to go to school.

I am grateful I have been given an education and although jam in sixth year I have no intention of finishing my education there. I plan to go onto college but for many children they wish to get to go to primary school or learn how to read and write. I think what trinity college are doing to help this organisations is amazing.

To raise funds for this amazing organisation a group of 1st year trinity students are going to watch a ten hour YouTube video in one go. Not only that they are giving you the chance to choose what video they watch. They are going to be raising funds all thorough their rag week and they are seeking to people to give as much as they can. To learn more about rag week take a look at the rag week event in Facebook.

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