A bit of Brady History.

If you walk down Celbridge main street I can guarantee you that you would meet someone who is the friend of a friend who is the friend of a Brady. I know that doesn’t sound like we are well know but we are, Celbridge is actually a big place but  you wouldn’t think that.

Brady’s Corner, A little newsagent across the road from the Garda station was owned and run by my grandparents, Michael and Breada. I spent afternoons in the shop with my mam when I was a baby while she was helping out there.. I have lost count of the amount of people who say they remember me from the shop. At that point I usually step back and think to myself who the hell are you. I have some fond memories of when people would approach me and tell me they remember me for the shop.

An art teacher in a school in Celbridge who thought me art in transition year, Mr. H is his name. I remember sitting at my desk one day when he suddenly decided to sit beside me and help me draw. Let’s just say art and drawing re not my strongest skills. He took hole of my pencil and began drawing for me. Sitting there quietly thinking to myself when he began to say “In all my life I never thought that I would be teaching Siobhán Brady, I remember you in your pram in the shop when you were little”  and so a conversation sparked about my family and who was still alive and who had sadly passed away. At the beginning it felt a bit awkward but it was nice to be able to hear stories of loved ones who have passed away.

Many stories people tell me about my family are all centred around that little shop on the corner across from the Garda Station. The shop was sold when I was about three years old, maybe four years old. It was after my granny had passed away I know that much for sure. I don’t remember much from the shop apart from getting pizza on the nights my mam would be helping out in the shop. I loved my mams cooking but nothing has ever or will ever beat a slice of pizza from De Mario’s restaurant. Even just thinking about it now gets my taste buds tingling. If you ever come to Celbridge you have to try a pizza from De Mario’s, its mouth watering stuff. With the sale of the shop brought sadness to my family but with a down side there always comes an upside. The up side to the shop being sold was a trip away to Florida.

 I was excited, who wouldn’t be? I was on my way to Florida and I was going to Disney land. I think that was the most exciting part of it all, Disney Land. What little girl or boy doesn’t want to go and see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. I remember the journey to Florida mainly because my mam told me not to drink all my juice. I didn’t listen and of course before we were due to land my bladder was severely full. That wasn’t a problem, there was a toilet on the plane, and the problem was me getting locked in the toilet on the plane. For any little girl or boy it would be a scary experience. I don’t like the toilets on planes anymore, would you blame me though? If that wasn’t a bad enough start to the holiday once we arrive in the house we had rented I ran full speed out to the pool, only to realise that the door was not open. Smack I went right into the door. I remember the holiday well because the beginning of it was full of tears and blood. I’m sure the rest of it was good though, I don’t really remember it that well.

The shop is a huge part of my family history with all the Brady’s helping out in the shop at one point or another but there is more to my family history in Celbridge. My mam and dad met in the order of Malta, I’m very proud to be able to say that they both volunteered with the order of Malta but I am more proud to be able to say that my grandparents were the very two people who set up the order of Malt until in Celbridge. After they moved here they began making a mark on Celbridge with this first venture. In my eye a successful shop was minor to setting up an order of Malta until in Celbridge. At the time my grandparents moved here, Celbridge was only a small town but that didn’t stop them. They had a love for helping. They took that love and used it to make a difference to the Celbridge community.

To say that the Celbridge order of Malta went well would be an understatement. It was a huge success with many people from all walks of life coming to join. It was a great place to go to meet new people and my grandparents embraced that, they never held back, they got to know everybody who came through the doors of the Celbridge unit. When my grandparents became friends with someone, they were friends for life and nothing had the power to change that.

My grandparents are the reason my family is well known throughout Celbridge. They have left a lasting impression on the life of those around us and I can assure you that long after we are gone they will be the ones who will be remembered. Not because of the Shop or setting up the Order of Malta in Celbridge but because of the kind of people they were. Their willingness to help others in whatever way they could, there loving nature and their friendly smile.

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