You have to shift a lot of frogs!!

I know what your thinking has Siobhán lost it completely ? No I haven't let me explain what i mean about frogs.The other day received an email from one of my readers about a book she was writing which is about mental health and stigma etc Her book s called You have to shift a lot of frogs so I didn't just pick random words and put them as a title there is reason behind it.

The email that I got said the following:

"I recently just stumbled across your blog, and I want to commend you in your great outlook on life, but more importantly...bringing light to the mental health stigma in Ireland. I'm not Irish, but American...and I lived there for almost a year. In that small time frame  I was able to see that this was definitely an issue. I'd seen and heard of many young men committing suicide because they felt helpless and didn't have any support. I've also seen people suffering from issues such as depression and bipolar disorder, but afraid to speak openly about it, or even worse...get professional help! It really should be something that people are able to at least speak about enough to get them the help that they need. In America, it seems like everyone self diagnoses themselves with needing a therapist. In Ireland, quite the opposite! That being said, I am currently in the process of publishing a book I wrote about my time in Ireland, where I speak about the stigma, among  other things of course! It's called You Have To Shift A Lot Of Frogs"

After getting that email I was shocked at the fact that one person living in Ireland for only a year was able to see how we as a society do not speak about mental health and how it is still a huge taboo subject in Irish society. That being said there are many amazing organisations around the country working and supporting those with mental illness or raising awareness or fighting stigma but still more can be done.

The work that people are doing is amazing and without them we would not be able to talk about mental health at all but you see the thing is people are to ignorant to realize that we need to talk abut mental health. We need to accept  mental health as real and we need to TALK. I know I have been talking about how important it is to talk in my last few posits but I cant stress it enough how important it is to talk. And its not just about talking when you are feeling low it is good to talk about how you are feeling in general to ensure that you are in the habit of talking. This will allow you to find t a bit easier to talk about things when you are feeling down.

I am very interested in reading this book and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.I will certainly do a review of the book once I have finished reading it and I would encourage many of you to read it also and see what you think. I am sure we are in for an amazing read in the near future, who knows it might even inspire you to start writing.

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