There is support out there!

Being a young person is hard enough with so many different things going on around you and so many changes. But it is the best part of your life many people say but not for everybody. Many people don’t talk about mental health and neither do young people. Many young people suffer from mental health problems but because of the stigma associated with mental health they are too scared to speak up and ask for help. The aim of this post is to show young people that they do not have to go through things along. And that there is help available. So here are some help lines that people can contact whenever they need help or just need someone to listen to them.

I know when I write my blog I tend to focus on talking when you are feeling down but I am not the only one in the world that does that so I would like to emphasis the point of talking. Just talking in general, we don’t always have to talk about the bad things that happen to us we can talk about the good things. 

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