London, Paris, Rome where to next????

I have been thinking about a few things that I would like to do when I get older, maybe before college or after college but one of the things that I really would like to do is go travelling with some friends and see some new places around the world. I have been to a few places before, Spain, Rome, Poland, Florida, Boston, New York but most of them have really been on holidays except for Poland which was a school trip that I went on last year. I would love to go around the world to so many other exciting and interesting places. I want to gain new experiences and live my life and have fun. I want to have something to look forward to and a goal that I want to reach in life. Some of the places that I would love to go to are:

Paris- I want to go to the very top of the Eiffel tower but there is no way that I will be going in a life, I don’t care how many steps I would have to walk but there is no way that I am getting into a life to go up there.

London-I have no idea why I want to go to London I guess I just do, sure why not it seems like it’s only around the corner but I know that it’s not.

Germany- I would love to go to Germany. I have a great interest in history especially history related to the Second World War. I would love to learn some more about that period in history. I would bring my friend Vivian who is from Germany and she could show me her home town.

Russia- I want to go all around Russia and learn more about their culture and I would love to try my hand at some Russian dance.

Australia- For adventure minus the spiders and snakes. I would love to go bridge walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or go bungee jumping. Now I say this things as if I will do them but if I ever do get there and have the opportunity of doing them it might take some convincing but yeah I might possible do it, I like the idea of doing it anyway.

America- I would love to go all around America on a road trip and go to all the different states and try new things.

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Anonymous said...

The Eiffel Tower is divided into 3 sections. It's possible to use stairs to climb the first two sections, but a lift has to be taken to reach the top.
But 2/3 of the way there isn't bad!

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