Are we there yet?? Not quite we're a bit lost.

Today I went on my sixth year retreat and I have to say it was the most amazing retreat I have been in!! The day started off with us getting lost, you know the title kind of gives it away!! When we finally arrived after getting lost about three times we arrived we were greeted with tea and Oreos. We were given Oreos so I have I say that made an amazing first impression.

The day started off with a game of human bingo which was amazing. When we had our four winners we were surprised to find out that we actually had to prove that they could do what they said they could. So basically we seen our class mates try to juggle, play guitar and much much more. We then got put into smaller groups. We then had to talk about ourselves one of the things we had to say was what our fear is. I took this chance to complain about the dentist and how much I am scared if the dentist. I am now dreading going to the dentist in Thursday but I have to say that it's not all that bad because I do miss double Irish!! :)

After we got some free food which is always a bonus we played fruit bowl. Lets just say were a bit rough at times but we had fun. We didn't kill anybody so its all good news. We then sang a song and did some dance moves before heading back into our groups for a bit of meditation. I have to say I am not a fan of meditation as I find it very hard to visualize things and yeah I just don't like it.

After our relaxation it was time to go home :( It was an amazing day, the people who were providing us with the retreat were amazing and I would not hesitate to go back again. Its was some much needed time away from school and home. Having time for me today is what I needed.  On the way back to school we didn't get lost!! It was an amazing last ever school retreat but there is no doubt in my mind that I will go on another retreat some stage in my life.

Thank you Mr K for organizing everything even if the sixth years did mess it up a bit when it came to the buses. And thank you Mr K and Ms W for bringing us on our retreat. t was an amazing day with many memories.

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