Taste the rainbow....

Today I got up bright and early...... well not quiet early enough though when you’re on your summer holidays. I headed off into town with the girls to do a bit of shopping. Well I didn’t really do any shopping to be honest I just followed along with Ashling. I think the fact that because I was on crutches meant that I couldn’t keep up with anybody other than Ashling who kindly stayed back with me. Whenever you go anywhere with my friends we usually end up making a fool of ourselves. It goes without saying that when Ashling jumped off a stairs looking like a moose that as the first time today that we made a fool of ourselves.

From trying to get up the stairs on crutches and down escalators today turned into an interesting day.

After everything that we done today I was surprised that I would find this blog post so hard to write. Since I have finished T.Y I have found it very hard to bog. Maybe it the transition from blogging about school to blogging about everything I really don’t know. I was hoping and well I guess I thought that it would be easy to blog over the summer but I found that I was wrong. I’m worried that I might say things without realising it and then my friends getting mad or upset at me or that I might bore some of the people that read my blog all though I think the only people that read my blog were people from school and T.Y so now that I’m finished for the summer I don’t think many people are going to be reading my blog.

Since I have started blogging and to be honest I never even thought of keeping a blog before I started T.Y sure I never really knew what a blog was until I was told that I had to keep one recording all of the different things that I do in T.Y for the year. I really didn’t want to keep a blog the thought of having to write on the internet twice a week telling people what I was doing in school was a bit annoying and lot of work in the beginning to me. But I soon found myself addicted you could say. I had to blog about everything and blog at least once a day. I am glad that I started blogging and I am delighted that i have achieved so much to do with my blog in under a year. I am glad Mrs L decided to get the T.Y’s to start a blog and I think that all of the T.Y’s should keep a blog rather than a journal of excellence.

I enjoy blogger there’s no doubt about that and finding the time to blog isn’t a probe but it’s trying to find something to blog that people will enjoy reading about. Like I started writing this post about a trip into town that I had and after writing a few lines I realised that people are not interested in what me and my friends do yeah maybe a section of a blog post about what we do but not a whole blog post. Maybe a day trip to Wexford people might be interested in or something like that but not a shopping day in town. I want to tell people about the fun and interesting thing that I do with my friends but I dint know how to write it so that it will catch people’s attention rather than just telling people what I do.

I read some blogs and I wonder how the people who write them think of the things to write about. Some are sharing experiences and giving advice while others are looking at something important and highlighting the good and the bad things about that issue, like a debate. Some of the blogs that I enjoy reading are La vie en RossTrust Tommy, and Love.Hope.Music. I like how all of these blogs are written and i think that they are very interesting to read and gives you a good insight into what the writer is thinking and their opinion on different things.

To be honest I dont really know what this blog post as all about, I started off describing my day and then began to talk about blogging and going on a bit of a rambling session. I am open to suggestions about different things that I could blog about but from now on Im going to blog about random things and more than likely the first thing that pops into my head.

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