Five things I like about popcorn.

I thought it was time for a really random post. So I figured I would write about Popcorn. So here is my list of  five  things that I like about popcorn :)

The first thing has to be the Taste. I love the taste of popcorn as long as its not to salty. A little bit of salt is fine and it makes for the best tasting popcorn ever.

The second things is how it feels. I know that sounds really weird but I like the different textures of things. I like things that are soft and have a smooth texture. Popcorn may not be soft but it does have a smooth texture on the outside and it is very light. If you just take a minute to hold a piece of popcorn in your hand you will understand what I am talking about. Try it and let me now what you think.

The third things would have to be the sound that it makes when you are making it in the microwave. Often I end up putting it in the microwave and then get a fright when i hear the first pop because i have forgot about it. But i love the popping sound. After reading this post you are all going to think that I am a bit strange and Im not going to argue with the because difference is beauty. But the next time that you are making popcorn take a moment and listen to the sound of it and see if you like it as much as I do.

The fourth thing is that you can get so many different types of popcorn. Now in my opinion you cant go wrong with the normal salted popcorn but buttered popcorn is not  that bad either. There are so many different type-  salted, buttered, toffee.... there just the ones I know of but according to the internet you can get so many more like chocolate popcorn and marshmallow popcorn. I think it will stick to salted popcorn for now anyway.

The final thing that I like about popcorn is that it is the perfect food to have when you are watching a movie with your friends. Putting some maltasers into it as well makes for the perfect movie night in with the girls. I think now over the weekend i might have a movie night, that s before the Leaving cert takes over my life completely.

So there you have it, Five things I like about popcorn. What are five things that you like about popcorn?

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