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Are you looking for some adventure? Do you want to go out and experience new things well then Camp America is the ting for you. During the summer while I was searching the internet I cam across a website for Camp America. After doing some research and reading up some information about all the different activities and things people get up to on Camper America I decided that I would give it ago and apply to go after my leaving cert. I have not finished my application and I still have to write my personal essay but I came across something in the application that took me back and got me thinking about not applying.

When it came to filling in questions about your background and medical history I was shocked when I read some of the questions. I completely understand that the people who are organising camp America must ensure that they have hired the correct people for the job and who they know will be safe when working with young children. Now I consider myself an honest person and I wouldn’t even think about answering untruthfully to any of the questions asked on the application form so when I was asked if I have a mental illness I answered yes, when I was asked have I ever self-harm I answered yes, When I was asked have I ever attempted suicide I answered yes and when I was asked have I an behavioural problems such as OCD I answered yes.

I am not completely sure why all of these questions had to be asked but I answered them honesty. The questions are not going to stop me from completing my application the reason I haven’t finished it is because I haven’t had the time but I have set some time aside to finish it during the week. The main problem I have about the application asking those questions are when I was looking up some information I found this on the website:

“Due to the nature of the programme there are some medical conditions that cannot be accepted. Camp America has 40 years experience of sending young people to summer camps. During this time we have developed considerable experience and expertise in determining which medical conditions are appropriate for the camp environment and which are not. At all times we seek to put the health and welfare of our participants and the children in their care first.
We will always try to be fair and to judge each case on its merits but there are some medical conditions that are made much worse in the excitement of summer camps and there are other conditions, which are regarded more seriously in the United States than in Europe or other countries, and for which it is consequently impossible for us to obtain insurance coverage. There are some conditions and disabilities, which completely rule people out of consideration. There are others, which depend upon the amount of time that has elapsed since an event or upon the severity of the original condition. For example, people with a recent history of depression will not be allowed to apply for the programme.
We apologise if some of our terms seem harsh however, our policy is based on experience and we believe it is better to make such policies explicit and not to disappoint people late in the application process. Please be aware anyone who is dishonest on their forms will find themselves cancelled from the programme.”

For me anyway what I did in the past is all in the past now, my depression is under control so why should that affect me now. It hurt me to see that because I have depression there is a good chance that I will not get selected for the programme but it’s not going to stop me because My MENTAL ILLNESS DOESNT DEFINE ME!!

What do you think of what Camp America is saying about people with medical conditions?

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