Cúpla nagíní,beidh sé ceart go leor..

A number of my friends have completed their leaving cert and have got their results. As I am going into my final year and i will be completing my leaving cert next year and a number of my readers are also going to be doing the same thing. So two of my friends Ashling and Emer have offered to answer a few of mine and Louise's questions about what to expect during the year and how best to prepare for the exams.

.How does the current economic crisis effect students who will be doing their leaving cert?
"It makes you worry about courses  what will be available to you when you have finished college. It put pressure on your family as it can be very expensive especially if you need grinds. As money is tight and things such as grinds are expensive it often meant that people did not get the help that they need because their family did not have enough money. It also makes you worry about going to college and the high costs that are associated with college. It just adds more pressure when we dont need anymore pressure."

How did the Leaving Cert effect your relationship with your family?
 "It affected how I got on with my family because I  became isolated from them and I stopped talking to them because I was often very irritable from having so much work to do." (Ashling)
"My parents began to annoy me because I felt that they could not understand. But my brother was a huge help because he was able to understand and helped me get through the stressful times." (Emer)

How did the Leaving Cert effect your relationship with your friends?
 "It didnt really. The little things that your friends do become more obvious and you begin to become more obvious and you begin to appreciate them more. Little things like jokes would help take our minds off the study and the Leaving Cert. It helped us to relax and it made us feel like not everything was changing because you have your friends around."

What was the best part of 6th year?
 " The end of sixth year becomes the best part of your life. You have finished your courses so a bit of the pressure is off. your teachers become like your friends and help you as much as they can. The begin to ask you what you need to help you through the last part of the year. You become more relaxed and you are able to see the end in sight which gives you more incentive to finish the work you have to do in preparations for the L.C because you know you will have a long break ahead."

What was the worst part of 6th year?
 "The MOCKS!!!! They make you realize how serious everything is. they make you feel like you have done no work but you really have. you begin to panic because people say that they are harder than the L.C but they are not. The only reason they are harder is because you haven't finished the course. It is important not to try and learn everything for the mocks. If you peek during the mocks you will loose out in the real thing because you will become tired and loose willpower to work hard towards the leaving cert."

Is it important to take some time away from study?
 "It is improtant to have at least one day off a week from all the study. It is important to keep up at least one hobby not related to school. Make sure you do have mtime to relax and be with your friends. try not to focus on work all the time because you may become isolated from society which is bad for both your physcial and mental health"

Is it hard?
 " Were not going to lie and say that its not hard. it is hard but it is not impossible you will be able to do it. Always have a short term goal to look forward to so you remain positive and you will know that work and study isnt everythign there is to do during the Leaving Cert."

Looking back , is there anything you would've done differently? 
" This might sound stupid but make a study timetable they DO WORK! I would have studies before the mocks a bit more and instead of studing for short periods I woud study a certain subject for a set block of time" 

 What advice do you have for people going into 6th year?
 "Itys not the end of the world no matter how hard things get and no matter how much pressure people pout on you. Try to realise the when people become annoying its not them, its how your feeling at the time and that they are really trying to help you, they are not trying to make things harder for you.Make sure you always have someone around you thast you can talk to, even if you dont want to talk it helps knowing that there is always someon who will listwen to you when you need them"

So there you have it. An interview with two former sixth years about how they found the leaving cert and some helpful advice for future sixth years. Thank yuo ashling and Emer for taking the time to answer our Questions and Thank you Louise for agreeing to help me with the interview.

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