Some people make a joke out of OCD such as “I have OCD or CDO as it should be” but being a person who suffers from OCD it is no joke. Many people do not know anything about this condition so I’m going to take this post to hopefully educate people about OCD.

OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder and it is a type of anxiety disorder. It contains two elements compulsions and obsessions. There are different types of OCD that people suffer from. For example with me I like things to be neat and tidy, everything in a certain way. I have my own way to arrange things and if that is changed I mush fix it to the way I had it- that is a compulsion. Like my self0harming was also a compulsion, when I got the urge to harm myself I had to do it. The thoughts would go around and around in my head getting worse until I gave into it and harmed myself.

Obsessions are unwanted thoughts that go around and around in your head and they begin to make you feel anxious. While compulsions are behaviours that you repeat. People often feel that you they must give in to their OCD thought because they are afraid that if they do not something bad may happen. When you give into these thoughts nit may give relief from the feelings of anxiety but it will in the long run make your symptoms worse. One of the best ways to treat OCD is by exposing yourself to the things that you must do and resisting the urge to do them. For example if you need to make something straight that’s crooked you must fight the thoughts and leave it crooked for as long as you can.
OCD can affect anybody no matter what their background is, as they say mental health issues do not discriminate. The causes of OCD are not fully understood but research has shown that it may be related to chemical imbalance in the brain. (Don’t quote me on that…. It was very complicated when I was researching it and this is a simple way to put it)
Here are some common Compulsions:
Cleaning, doing or putting things in a particular order

Here are some common obsessions:
Fear of contamination or dirt
Fear of harming yourself or others
Intrusive sexual thoughts
Fear of illness
Religious or moral issues.

It’s not fun having OCD. You may have a severe case that can take over your life or you may have a case that’s no so sever and you can gain control over it. It’s not a joke it is something that you don’t want to have. Many people might make jokes about People who have OCD and they may do things to irritate their OCD and they think that it is funny. Well it’s not and anybody who has OCD will tell you that.

“Refuse to act on an obsession, and it will die of inaction.
- Recovery Inc.

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