My first Post!

So i have been blogging for almost two years now. I never thought i would still be blogging after transition year but I am. I was thinking about what to blog about and when I looked up some ideas one said to blog about my first post. So here goes....

My first post was made on the ninth of September 2010 and it was called just started. God I can still remember that day sitting in the computer room talking to Louise beside me. To be honest I didn’t want to write my blog and I didn’t think that there was much point but I am glad that I did write it and I am glad that I am still writing now.
This is what my first post was about:

Hi I’m Siobhán and I just started T.Y. a few days ago and all ready I love it. I’m in class Amina. I have tried lots of new subject that have never done before and I’m really enjoying it so far. I love all the new subjects. In home ec we have been divided into groups and each group has to design an outfit. In science our class also got divided into groups and we all have to think of ideas for the young scientist competition. There are lots of projects that we are starting to do which should be fun to work in different groups in each class.
Next Monday all the T.Y.'s are heading off to calingford for our bonding trip. We leave bright and early on Monday morning and are coming home on Tuesday really looking forward to going to Carlingford and trying all the activities that are lined up for our two days there. Going to have lots of fun in Carlingford.

I actually never made it to carlingford. The night before we were due to leave I got brought into hospital and had to spend the night. I was trying everything that I could to try and get the doctors to let me go home but if you’re sick your sick.

My posts began very small and now over time I have begun to write more in my posts. Some of them are often short but others are often long. Its weird looking back over my old posts. It’s kind of like looking at photos that you haven’t looked at in years. Its surprising the difference from my first post to the posts that I write now.

Can you remember your first every blog post?

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