I think there's an app for that....

Have you ever noticed that there is pretty much an app for everything? I have got an IPhone and I have many apps everything from games to maps. They’re very handy there’s no doubt about that but is it really good for us to have all of these simple things such as maps on a phone? Maybe we have things too easy for us. Before IPhones we used maps that were on paper we used book instead of looking up things on our phones. I think some times that IPhones and making people in our society lazy.

The point of this post is to really highlight how there is very many apps for even very simple things. There are over 500,000 apps!! Imagine that…… the money the time and the work that has been put into making all of those different apps.
Take a look at this video about apps:

From watching these videos its clear that some apps that are good while others are stupid and pointless.

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