Five things to do this summer.

Ok so well its summer.... well today in Ireland its summer. You can walk outside today and not have to bring a jacket or an umbrella.... so take advantage of the good weather today because we all know it won’t last long. Here is my list of the top five things that you should do this summer.

Buy some yellow paper and draw a sun on it.
Considering we are in Ireland and it’s not very often that we get sun you should go and buy some yellow paper and draw a sun on it. That way you can stick it up somewhere and it might actually make it feel like summer.

Have a Harry Potter marathon.
 Yes I know it sounds a bit weird but trust me it is actually really fun even if you don’t like harry Potter.  Starting early in the day watch every single harry potter movie from start to finish one after another. See how many of your friends can make it through all the movies without leaving to go home. My friends and I did it last year and we looked like this:

And next week we will be doing it again but we won’t look like that. Hopefully this time I will make it to the end.

Go on a trip to Wexford.
There’s nothing better than going down to Wexford with your friends for a night or day. Having some freedom and doing your own thing. Spending time on the beech but don’t forget to bring your home made sun just in case. My friends and I did this last year and this is what we did:


Have a fancy dress part with a bouncing castle.
Last year for Kellies birthday she had a bouncing castle and a fancy dress party. It was amazing. She had the same thing this year for her birthday and again it was amazing. This is what we looked like:

The only thing i have to say about this is do not put red poster paint in your hair also bouncing castles can be dangerous and you may end up going into the hospital dressed as elmo..... :/

And last but not least Drop a WATERMELON out a window.
The best thing to do is to drop a water melon out a window. Yeah you have top clean up after but its great craic. We did it last year and this is what we looked like:

There’s five things that you can do this summer even with rain. :)

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