State exams!!

This year many of my friends are taking part in the state exams and yes many of my friends have been locked away in their bedrooms studying hours up hours for the dreaded leaving vert. I know thee going to do amazing though as I know that they are a bunch of brain boxes. This year because I have done T.Y i am not taking part in the exams but I have however been picked as an exam attendant.
Yes I am that annoying person that walks into the exam carrying the tea and biscuits and distracts everybody so yeah sorry for that!! I don’t have to do much to be honest and it is an extremely boring job and I still have a week left to go but on the bright side I do receiver payment for the work that I have put in even if it did just involve making tea.

The main thing that is helping me to stay sane while I am sitting outside my exam centre and its not reading Wuthering heights its knowing that at the end of it all I get my friends back stress free!! Oh and getting some money to go and have FUN for the rest of the summer!!

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