National league.

Today I am heading up to Antrim to compete in the AAI National league. This is all new to me and Paul had a hard time yesterday trying to explain it to me and in fact it is not all that complicated. I was asked to compete on the Kildare team on Thursday night after athletics and well I wasn’t going to turn down a chance to throw a discus or a shot and it sounded like fun. There are many different athletes on the Kildare team with three athletes form Celbridge athletic club myself, Vivan and Shauna.

Teams from all over Ireland will be competing in either of the two venues The Antrim Forum or Athlone I.T This event is all based on points with the teams with the most points progressing on to the next round of the league at a later date.

It sounds like it should be a fun day and a chance to get to meet some new athletes from different clubs in Kildare and instead of competing against them, I will be competing with them. It’s a perfect chance to put my team work skills into action. Well I best be off or I will miss the bus!!

I actually wrote this post on Sunday, a Sunday a while ago but didn't get the chance to post it until now. The kildare team come third and now more on to the next round of the league.

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