All Irelands.

About two weeks ago I headed to Tullamore to compete in the all Ireland school championships to represent St. Wolstans in the senior discus. This was my first time to compete in the all Irelands for my school and only my second ever time to compete in a national competition. Needless to say the standard was amazing and to be honest I wasn’t going in to the competition to win because I knew I was not going to throw as far as the others. To be honest I was very pleased to even have made it to the all Irelands. I came third in the Leinsters after taking part in an extremely tight competition and i was delighted to myself after winning a medal and gaining a new personal best.

 I was happy to make it to the all Irelands. It was a great ay with many laughs and smiles and hopefully I will make it to the all Irelands again next year for my final year in St., Wolstans. I want to leave the school with them having some reason to remember me by and if winning an all Ireland medal is what I need to do to be remember when then that is what I will do. I am going to work hard and hopefully make my school proud next year!!

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