So a few weeks ago I went to santry with school like every other year and had great fun. I have to say this year I was not so sure if I was going to compete or not because well I did miss four months of school so I wasnt sure if I wanted to miss any more school but I decided that I would go and then head back to school with my dad after I competed. I have to say that I am glad that I went because I did well in competition but also because I love athletics and it took my mind of school work and I was happy doing something I loved. I feel like things have not got back to the way that there were before I was in hospital and I am finally doing all the things I love and that make me happy.

So in Santry I was competing in both senior discus and senior shot put. I was more focused on the discus because I feel most comfortable when I am doing that. I was a bit nervous because i hadn't been competing that much but the nerves soon went away thanks to Kate well that was until I found out my teacher was an official at the discus. Things settled down and I had an amazing first through which become my new personal best and it always was the winning throw of 24.35 meters. I wont even talk about my other throws because well yeah lets just not go there. Kate also won a medal coming third with a throw of over 18 meters so well do Kate.

The next day I was ion Santry I was competing in the shot put and well to be honest with you I was not expecting to place and well I didnt really after I won the discus because I was delighted with myself. I placed in second and I was happy with that as my shot put has been going down hill over the past while and with a throw of 7.74 meters and I delighted with myself. It was a tough competition and I tried my best and all my training paid off so I was happy with how I did.

Our school once again won four trophies for the amount of points that we had got from everybody competing and winning medals. I guess when we girls at woollies set our mind on a gola there is not stopping us. Well done girls for the great job and a huge thank you to Mr L and Ms O'C for all your help and support we wouldn't have been able to do it without you guys!!

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