Order of Malta.

The order of Malt is something that means a lot to both me and my family. Many members of my family have been part of the Order of Malta and well I am hoping to be the next person to be a member of it. The order of Malta is a voluntarily organisation which provide free first aid services to the community.

 I feel that being a member of this kind of organisation is  great experience and is very worth while and is a good thing to do. The reasons why I want to join are not because I feel I have to because it is important to my family but because I enjoy helping people and I want to be able to give something back to my community and I feel that this is the perfect opportunity to do that. It is something I want to do for me to make me happy. Helping people makes me happy and this is the perfect thing to do to help people.

Would you like to join the Order of Malta?

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