Setting goals can help you beat your self-harm.

Setting goals can often help you to overcome your self-harm. When you decide to stop your self-harm setting goals can help you to reach a happier life. One goal that I set for myself was to get to my brothers wedding. That goal helped me to stop self-harming and keep me on the right track to over coming my self-harm.

It is important to have goals that you want to try and reach no matter how small they are.Take some time now to think about some small and realistic goals that you want to set yourself to help to beat your self-harm and write them down and keep them somewhere you know that they will be there when you need to look at them and keep on track.

I made it to my brothers wedding, not only because it was important for him that I was there but because it was important to me that I would get there and I did. Not only did I achieve my goal I gained control over my self-harm and I had a hell of a good time at the wedding. It was the best weekend of my life and I am glad that I put the work in to get there. It took time for me to achieve my goal but I did it.

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