Grounding techniques.

While i was in hospital i learnt how important it is to know how to ground myself when I am feeling stressed or anxious or having a bad day. At first I found it very hard to do but soon I was able to know what I needed to do in order to be able to ground myself. Something that I found that really helps me to become grounded is to sit on the floor.

You might be wondering what are grounding techniques????
 Well they are simple active things to help a person to focus on the present moment or to help distract them from distress.

Why do people use grounding techniques????
People often use grounding to help in times of crises and for prevention, for example prevent the person from self harming because they are using other ways to become calm. Grounding can help to balance a person emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Here are some ways that you can ground yourself:

Stomping your feet.
Clapping your hands.
Sitting on the ground.
Sitting on a balance ball.
Moving furniture.
Holding ice.
Chewing gum.
Breathing exercises.
Using thera-band.
Playing with a pet.
Having a shower.

These can be done anywhere and at anytime. It is important to try new things and if one doesn’t work don’t give up on it keep trying or try something else that might work. Try to know when you might need to ground yourself. And it is very important to practice as much as you can.

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mary o callaghan said...

great stuff here u know i was afraid id not have some more material for my womens show on stress etc from u i use it all the time love u loads u amaze me your mum would be so proud of u so im saying it for her

mary o callaghan said...

hi thanks this is great stuff will use it on monday on my show your mum would be so proud of you u amaze me

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