Changing emotions.

When I was in hospital I was thought about changing my emotions. This is acting the opposite to what your are feeling. I gave it a try a few times and found that it helped me. You should try it too and it might help you in some times of distress.This is what you have to do.

When feeling Fear.
Do the thing that you are afraid of over and over again.
Do things that give you a sense of control.
Do things that you are good at and do well.
Challenge the fear and it will go away.

When feeling sadness.
Get active and do something don't sit feeling sorry for yourself.
Do things that make you feel good.
Act as if you are happy and in turn you will become happy.
Challenge the sadness and it will go away.

When feeling anger.
Gently avoid the person that you are angry with.
Do something nice that will make you feel good.
Imagine sympathy. ( I dont understand that one myself)
Challenge the anger and it will go away.

When feeling guilty or ashamed.
Repair the mistake, say sorry and do your wrong right.
Then let it go.
Challenge the guilt and it will go away.

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