Bullying is very common and more common than people think. People who are being bullied often try to hide the fact that they are being bullied because they are ashamed that it is happening to them or because they are worried what might happen to them if they tell on the person who is bullying them. Bulling can be described as being afraid of other people and how they think about you. Being excluded and being left out on your own from groups.

Here is a poem that I found that was written by a person who is being bullying:

“Safe Place”
I look away so she doesn’t see my red-rimmed eyes,
And avoid her motherly questions,
So that she doesn’t hear my pain.

I walk to school the long way round,
And keep my head down,
For the fear that someone will sense my shame.

I don’t raise my hand to ask a question,
I know it will just give them more ammunition,
For their game.

I hurry home to what use to be my “safe place”,
In the past i thought they couldn’t hurt me here,
But know i know that they can,
Even when the sound of their laughs r the burn of their stares is long gone.

I don’t know about you but I know when i read this poem it got me thinking about things. Something more needs to be done to help prevent bullying from happening in school, in the community, in the work place everywhere. People of any age and any kind cane become a victim of bullying and it needs to stop. In my school there is a saying that if you see someone being bullied you should tell someone because “if you don’t report it them you support it”

This poem had a great effect on me and I hope that it gets you thinking about things too!!

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