Yeah I know when you read this title you are going to think that I am writing a blog post about pens but I’m going to make a fair point with this, well in my head this is a fair point. I will go back to some more of my serious posts after this one but here we go.

I was thinking about pens when I decided to write this post. You see I have noticed that I always manage to lose my pens but the thing is I don’t lose them. Have you ever noticed that as soon as you put a pen somewhere it seems to just disappear? I have maybe it could just be me but this always happens to me in school! I leave it on the desk and then as soon as I turn around it has vanished into thin air, Maybe I am overexerting this a bit but you know what I mean. I pen is never where you left it.

Sometimes you lend a teacher your pen and you never see it again, or a friend asks to borrow a pen and t never comes back to you, or your dog takes it and eats it. IN my house I am always losing my pens. I can never understand how I manage to go through as many opens as I do, really it just confuses me. Even writing this post is after confusing me. I am a very easily confused person anyway yeah the point of this post was well I guess there is no point but anyway I am always losing my pens.

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