Youth rocks art festival.

Recently I received an e-mail from a lady form the Youth rock arts festival. This e-mail was asking me to be part of a group of talks that were going to be taking place at the festival this year and they were looking for inspiring teens to give the talks. Yeah I know what you’re thinking me inspiring yeah that’s part of the e-mail that I didn’t understand.... how was I inspiring. I was told that I was asked to be part of the talks because of my blog... when I started this blog as part of my I.T class in T.Y i didn’t have a clue that it would present me with so many different opportunities.

Today I was having a chat with the person who got in contact with me about the talks, she very nicely explained to me about the festival but also told me that due to a lack of funding that the festival had to be scaled down and that the talks had to be cut out of the agenda. I was disappointed when I heard this because I have never been asked to be part of a group of people giving a talk and I have never been told that I was inspiring. I guess when your told that you are wanted to be part of a group of people to give a talk because you are an inspiring teen it makes you feel good about yourself and makes you want to do something to inspire someone. I have been struggling finding things to blog about lately ad after the chat I had today I realised that I am going to start blogging about my experiences in life and things that have inspired me in the hopes that they will inspire other people.

Anyway this blog post was meant to be me taking about the youth rocks arts festival so I’m going to start talking about tat again and hopefully I won’t go off course this time., I knew nothing about this until I received an e-mail but I looked at their website and I did a bit of research and well this it what I found out:

The Youth Rocks Arts Festival is an arts-centric festival coming to Portlaoise on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th July. YRAF encompasses visual arts, music, poetry, theatre, fashion, dance, circus performance and street performance. Irish Artist and Meteor Award Winner Cathy Davey is headlining this year’s festival.  Davey is performing in the Sky Venue Portlaoise on Saturday 23rd July.

The main focus of the festival this year is to support and showcase amateur and unknown Irish and International talent across all art forms. The festival is especially interested in young artists, with the three main organisers having an average age of 19. The Youth Rocks Arts Festival is being run by local Youth Group APA (Adolescent Persons Association) and NAPS (the Nation Assoc. for Parent Support. The weekend will be complimented by a multicultural open air concert in Portlaoise Plaza. Also planned is an Artist’s Village, affordable camping options, street theatre, Fun Fair and Market Avenue, Laois arts trail and an on-going artist collective.

Visit their website  and find them on Facebook.

I may not be able to be part of the festival this year but I have offered to help getting people to know about the festival and spread the word. I have offered my time and services with helping promote the event and getting the event ready and I think that other people should too. One way that I am helping is by writing this blog post to try and get people interested in going and just to know a little bit more about what it is all about. I know that I will be heading down to the festival during the days that it is on and I’m sure that a few of my 
friends will join me too. 

I hope that you go and find out what it is all about ion July... it all sounds like a bit of crack to me :)

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noeleen said...

You? Inspiring? .....Of course you are....believe in yourself young lady.
Well done.

Mrs L :)
PS I'll be having you back to talk to TY's next year about blogging too!

Shauna - YRAF said...

Thanks Honey,
Your a wonderful creature of this earth you know

Shauna - YRAF

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