Where did the sun go?

So for the past two days here in Celbridge anyway we had some amazing weather, the sun was shining the sky was blue and not a cloud in sight. This morning I work to a dull damp wet raining scene outside my bedroom window. There was no sun, no blue sky and it was not as warm as the past two days have been. It was very inspiring so it made me just wants to get back into bed, and so that’s exactly what I did.

It’s not unusually for the Irish weather to be very mixed and changeable. I enjoyed the two days of sun. Last summer was a very good summer, nice bright sunny days. Warm blue skies I want this summer to be like that. My brother Paul always says that every year during the state exams the weather gets very good and until last year when I sat my junior cert I never noticed that the weather got really good during the exams. If Paul is right then next week the good weather should come again so fingers crossed.

This summer I want to be able to go down to do this:

Build some forts :)

Lie in the middle of the grass and talk. :)

Get stuck in some sand on the beach. :)

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