What about Elvis? No we are calling her Lilo.

Almost about two weeks ago we got new puppy. We didn’t just decide to go out randomly one day to get the puppy it was for Paul’s birthday. Is birthday is at the end of the month but because we are now on or summer holidays it was easier to get the puppy now so we had some time to spend training her.

She’s a King Charles and is only nine weeks old. The first few days that we had her she refused to play with me but would play with everybody else. I was not too impressed and after a while i gave up trying to get her to play with her. Now we had her for a little more than a week and she is more active than ever. She’s always running around the house trying to play with the cat. I can wait until she gets the rest of her injections so that I can bring her out on walks.

I wanted to call her Elvis but Paul wouldn’t let me and seeing as how she was his birthday present he got o name her. Lilo like Lilo and Stitch wasn’t that bad after all and well it suits her I think.

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