So I was thinking today about parents and well how important they are. I mean yeah there important for lots of things like buying clothes and paying the bills and things like that but there is so much more things that parents do for us that they don’t have to and from being around my friends and from myself I have realised that most people take their parents for granted.
I mean most people especially teenagers have very limited contact with their parents. I’m not saying this about all teenagers or anything like that sure for all I know what I say in this post could be rubbish. So I’m going to talk about my experience with parents.
I don’t talk to my dad very much and yeah there is a lot of reasons for that and I’m not going to get into most of them but a few of them are well most of the time we have nothing to talk about, how are you meant to have a conversations with someone when there is nothing to talk about. Then there is well I guess I’m a teenager I don’t like telling my dad what I do when I go out with my friends or what happens in school. I mean most of the time what I do will end up on Facebook. Twitter or in my blog so why not just look at what happened at these places it’s much easier than trying to get information out of a stubborn teenager. I say that we have a strained relationship and I’m not going to put all of the blame onto him because I’m to blame as much as he is even though to him it always seems like I’m putting all of the blame onto him but I’m not.
Another thing about parents and teenagers I never like my dad being around my friends. I’m always worried that he will say something embarrassing or with my dad he will just start talking and not shut up. I mean he will talk about everything and anything and he could go on for hours and hours and not shut up. Yeah that’s a good thing to be talkative but it just gets annoying when he talks to your friends when you’re trying to have fun with them.
But no matter how much you ignore your parents, or no matter how many fights you have or tell them to go away or tell them that you hate them they always do whatever you need them to do for you. I know this is true with my dad. I don’t get on well with my dad all the time  and we have a very strained relationship and by now we have both acknowledged  that fact but no matter what he is always there when I need money for school, or to drive me to a hospital appointment or to an athletic event.  Parents are the ones you turn to when something goes wrong or if you need something and no matter what they will always try to help in whatever way they can. I know I am far too hard on my dad most of the time and I really hope that he reads this post because I would never go up and say anything like this to him.
Your parents are the ones who sit beside you when you’re sick and comfort you to make you feel better, they’re the ones who read your bedtime stories, the ones who you can talk to about anything, the ones who help you make decisions about what to do when you leave school, the ones who protect you from almost everything so that their child won’t get hurt.
Yeah parents can be annoying and clueless but there your parents and they will ever leave their child because they love you. You can battle their love, you can do things to hurt them and you can make them loose their trust in you but they will always give you a second chance without a doubt and as much as they have to they don’t really they do everything for you because they love you... and that’s their job... to love you.
I have started to realise the importance of not taking your parents for granted but that was only when one of them was taken away from me. When my mam got told she had cancer I didn’t take her for granted, I cherished every moment with her. It’s not because I thought she was going to die but I was because I realised that she always stood by me when I needed her love support and encouragement and all though I was only eight when she got sick and couldn’t do much for her the smile on her face when I gave her a huge was enough to make me think that I have helped her in some way with her battle against cancer.
I guess it’s when something that you need the most is take away from you is when you want it the most. Most people I know have someone at home for them to wash their clothes, cook the dinner and clean the house. These are all of the things that are parents do for us and we just expect them to do it for us. When I was younger my mam did all of those things for me until she couldn’t. I helped when I was asked but I never offered to wash the clothes or make the dinner because I took it for granted that she was there to do it. Now that she is gone and for almost six years I have been doing all that myself and it’s only when you have to do it that you realise how much work it really is.
 So basically the idea of this post was to get people thinking about whether or not they take their parents for granted and just expect everything to be done for them. I try not to take my dad for granted but half the time I just expect my dad to bring me to athletic events or give me money for school but the real reality is that he doesn’t have to.
But I am glad that I still have one parent in my life even with a strained relationship I am glad that I still have my dad. Thank you dad for everything that you do for me.

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Ben said...

Touching post, very nice :) Made me realise how lucky I am to have both my parents.

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