New blog.....well sort of.

Since T.Y has finished I have decided that I will keep up blogging, well I decided this quiet a while ago but anyway. I decided rather than starting a new blog I would just change certain parts of this blog. I changed the name for started because I can’t call it my T.Y blog anymore.

I chose to call it “There’s always light at the end of the tunnel” I choose this because I have experienced a lot in life some very good things but some also very sad things and the one thing that I have learned from people around me that no matter how bad things are they can always get better. I know sometimes this can be hard to believe but I have found especially this year that no matter how bad things in life get once you have people around you that care for you and want to help things will get better. If it wasn’t for the people that have helped me so much during this year I don’t know what I would have done.

I also changed some of the things that I put on my blog to do with the student blogging challenge. I only out them up because of that weather I liked them or not it was just to take part in the blog challenge so I decided to take them down because I didn’t really want them up on my blog things like the avatar and that kind of stuff.

My blog from now on is going to be about..... Well I’m not really sure I guess it will just be about everyday things. To be honest I’m not really good with this whole writing thing but I like blogging so I’m just going to write about everyday things during the summer and my opinion on things and then In 5th year if I get the time I will blog about school and things then too. I’m open to suggestions on things to blog about.

So today was my first day of my summer holidays and the most productive thing that I did was clean my room..... Hopefully as soon as the fifth years are finished their exams I will have more fun but until Friday it’s just me and my fellow T.Y friends..... There has to be something to do somewhere.....

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