Long time no throw.....

It been a month a whole month since I have last been up at Celbridge athletic club.  My absence was however noticed thanks to my brother Paul who kindly informed not only my coach but half the athletic club and most of the coaches about how I was stupid enough to miss a step going into my back garden and injure my foot. He also put emphases about how that step has been there for 8 years and I still managed to miss it so thanks for that Paul. When you have a brother like mine nothing is kept quiet.

I have not only missed a month of training but I have also missed the outdoor competition. I look forward to the outdoors from the very beginning of the year because I get the chance to throw discus. It’s been two years since I have competed in the outdoor due to being on holidays one year but last year was very much like this year, I was sick and both doctors and family member felt that I should not compete as it was too soon after being released from hospital. This meant that I was looking forward to this year’s outdoor season more than ever especially after my bad leinster competition for school I was looking forward to competing in the discus more than ever.

I have only been throwing for about four years and only had the chance to compete in the discus for the outdoors once and it was that year when I started discus and that was the year when I won my first ever medal discus and my first ever leinster medal. It felt amazing and I was so happy it really gave me a boost when I was going to compete in the shot put the next day. I didn’t get to compete in the shot put the next day due to having an accident at the track and falling down a manhole while warming up. I injured my ankle and was taken off to hospital and missed my event but I didn’t mind too much because I had all ready won a medal and in two weeks I was heading off to the Antrim forum to compete in my first ever all Ireland once I was back on me feet again. And I came ninth and was delighted. I did know that after my first throw of only throwing 20 meters and everybody else throwing in the 30 meter range I didn’t have a shot at winning medal but the experience meant more to me than anything especially because I have not been given that chance again.

I have been a member of Celbridge ac since I can remember and athletics has been in my family since before I was born and well I love it. Nothing is ever going to change that. I have been out for a month and I miss it so much, I miss throwing, the warm up with Jessica and Vivian which usually ended up with me telling them to slow down! And I miss the general craic and people there.The sooner I get back the better. I feel like I belong at Celbridge ac and that thanks to the amazing athletes and coaches. I dont think that I could imagine my life with out Celbridge ac and  without throwing, the people at Celbridge ac are fun loving, kind, generous, supportive and welcoming. I am glad to be a member of Celbridge ac.

Its not all about the training and competitions its about having fun :)

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Jessica McHugh said...

thanks for the mention, I feel honoured ;)

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